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Really, dancing

re Taye Diggs concert tomorrow

This is the email that started it all. And how could it not? 

When one is unwittingly invited into the inner circle of a bone fide triple threat, you start to scrutinize all of those misdirected emails that might have been trashed or spammed in the past.

Welcome to Wrong Inbox, a curated, comedic slice-of-life. It’s what happens when you have a very short email username at a very popular domain.

Hi ██████,
█████ (cc’d here), gave me your email. Glad to work with you tomorrow.
I’ve attached a stage plot, even though I’ll also be there to help set up/place instruments tomorrow. I’ve also attached a set list, which details some of the “moods” of each song (to give lighting ideas) and also who’s playing/when my mic needs to be on for backup singing, etc, etc.
Also, wanna confirm that the stage extension will be in, yes? Taye will often be dancing - really, dancing and moving around - so we’ll need the space (and also make sure we light the space accordingly, please).
And we can still use the drums in the space?
And also, I’m hoping the piano is well in tune?
Oh, finally, we’ll have some VIPs tomorrow (this may be more of an April question), so hoping we can have some tables with “reserved” place-cards on them? I can give the reserved list to whomever is at the door.
Thanks much!
███ ████
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