Michael Lewis, on his new book, The Fifth Risk

Author Michael Lewis’s new book takes a look at the boring, long-term functions of bureacracy and how  one of the main functions of government is to mitigate a massive portfolio of risks. Risks like nuclear waste leeching into water supplies or severe weather impacting lives and property.

As a parting thought in his interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, he offers an appreciation of those folks in government who have spent their lives in civil service, earning less money than in the private sector, risking a torrent of condemnation at the slightest mistake, and getting paltry recognition when the job is well done.

“In a way, what we’re doing is wasting the greatest spirits of our society.”

If you’ve ever make a blanket complaint about government — and I know I have — this really gave me pause. Not to mention the continuing nightmare presented by the Trump administration and, as Lewis outlines in the interview, their total lack of preparedness to run the U.S. government.

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